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“Feliz dia dos namorados! Te amo muito.” Celebrities Dating Athletes Tom Brady. Courtesy Gisele Bundchen/Instagram Though Brady’s fans were quick to comment their support for the way Brady.

For Brazilians, Dia dos Namorados (Day of Lovers) is June 12. On the eve before the holiday, women write the names of various crushes on folded-up pieces of paper (MASH, anyone?). Whichever name.

Gif Félix Dia Dos namoradosFunny Valentine’s: readers’ travel mishaps – I love Madeira’s festivals and applied to participate in Funchal’s Mardi Gras carnival, which coincided with Dia dos Namorados (Valentine’s Day). Sparkly costume fitted, I attended.

Here’s everything you need to know about Brazil’s day of love.

They call it Dia dos Namorados and it’s the day they celebrate relationships and being in love. It translates as "lovers’ day".

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Brazilians also observe two days, Dia dos Namorados and Saint Anthony’s Day to spread love. Among many other rituals, single women write down the name of a man and then exchange with others.

Brazilians don’t love it up Feb. 14, but on June 12, they celebrate Dia dos Namorados ("the day of lovers") in honor of Saint Anthony, patron saint of matchmaking and marriage. Single women.

The country celebrates Dia dos Namorados later in the year because of it’s proximity to Saint Anthony’s Day on June 13, which honors the marriage saint. The supermodel shared her own romantic.

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Down in South America, the most romantic holiday of the year is Dia Dos Namorados, and that day just happened to fall on June 12 this year. To celebrate the occasion, Brady did what any smart.