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Parliament approved on Thursday its negotiating mandate for a new EU law to do away with unfair trading in the food supply chain. The Parliament’s negotiating team has now received a green light to.

Nova Atualização do WhatsApp 2020 CHEGOU AÍ?New Asylum Agency must ensure EU countries respect common asylum rules, say MEPs – To do so, it will be entitled to make unannounced on-site visits to EU countries. It would rely on an “asylum intervention pool”, formed by no less than 500 experts contributed by member states, who.

It finally urges all countries that have not yet ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and its additional protocols to do so as a matter of urgency.

The draft criminal code contains articles which do not list punishable crimes, and which could be used to legitimise hundreds of existing discriminatory sharia laws at local level, says the text. The.

MEPs of all political groups underlined that they stood ready to work hand in hand with the presidency to move forward on European legislative matters in priority areas, pointing out that the Romanian.

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11 member states still have not ratified the Istanbul Convention One in three women in the EU has experienced physical and/or sexual violence MEPs called on the 11 member states that haven’t ratified.

It urges the seven member states that have signed but not yet ratified it – Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and the UK – to do so without delay. MEPs condemn the attacks and.

All the more so, I want to call on the citizens and especially on the young generation: Do not give up hope, please remain on the European track. The European Parliament stands with you. With a strong.

No patents on naturally obtained plants and seeds – Parliament called on the EU Commission to do its utmost to convince the European Patent Office (EPO) not to grant patents to products obtained from essentially biological processes. It also urged the.