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A drug driver and speeding motorists have been caught flouting the road rules during a police crackdown on high risk school zones in Melbourne’s inner north. Fawkner Highway Patrol and proactive.

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Week-long licence suspension for driver nabbed going twice the speed limit – He was charged with stunt driving and for travelling more than 50 km/h over the speed limit. In addition to the week-long licence suspension, his car was impounded for seven days. He will need to.

Hamilton councillors said they have no desire raise the speed even.

“People not only need to obey the speed limit, but also respect it.” At the same time councillors reduced the speed.

twice the speed limit, no licence, no insurance and now no engine. "Luckily only minor injuries. "Driver now housed in Blackpool custody.".

‘Reprehensible’ drink driver went through red light at twice the speed limit – A drink driver that was caught going through a red light at twice the speed limit has been deemed ‘reprehensible.

and said it is thankful that no one was harmed by his driving.

“We need to slow that down.” *Rock Creek Road south of Rock Bluff Road to 25 mph. His crew is installing new posted speed limit signs at.

intersection with no signs, he said.

West Minn.Do you have the need for speed? Well, you’re in luck! In the next few weeks roughly 340 miles of highways in northern and western Minnesota will get higher speed limits, according to.

Sean Pollock of the Traffic Division in an email. “Speed limits are set for ideal road conditions and we need all road users to be mindful of working together to enhance road safety.”.